Prof Helen Woodruffe Burton holding a large, brass tuba.On October 23rd, Prof Helen Woodruffe-Burton, director of the Business School, performed with the Trinity Girls Brass Band as part of the Institute of Social Responsibility’s Festival of Ideas 2019.

The Trinity Girls Brass Band is celebrating 60 years as the only all-female contesting Brass band in the UK (thought the timing of this event at half-term meant that there were some honorary Trinity ‘Girls’ to fill out the ensemble).

The concert included a selection of more traditional brass band pieces as well as music from movies and musicals.

Helen Woodruffe Burton introducing Trinity GirlsProfessor Woodruffe-Burton gave a brief introduction to the event giving the context of the importance of brass bands in Northern working class culture and an intro to the Trinity Girls which, like Edge Hill, was ground breaking in an era with limited opportunities for women.