International work-related learning experience for Accountancy students

Travelling business class

Third year BSc Accountancy students travelled to the University of Mons in Belgium, where they attended a study and cultural awareness week. The Business School students represented Edge Hill at the international event and formed one of 10 international teams that worked together on a three day online financial strategy simulation.

The simulation provided students with the opportunity to put skills learnt through their Accountancy degree programme into practice. This experience allowed them to showcase and further develop their strategic financial analysis, and gain an understanding of what it is like to work in a European environment with language and cultural variances.

The group also attended a lecture and workshop on strategic management delivered by Professor Mark Labie, Co-Director of the Centre for European Research in Microfinance. In addition to the students of Mons organising cultural and social activities in the city, the University of Mons hosted a programme of events including lectures and an exhibition about the British economist, John Maynard Keynes. 

“Simulation is an excellent learning experience to synthesise academic knowledge, professional skills into the business environment in a very proactive approach across cultural boundaries.”

John Mercer, Associate Director of the Business School