The Business School was pleased to welcome Dr Sarah Warnes (Senior Teaching Fellow) of UCL School of Management to its research seminar series.

Dr. Warnes discusses her method for embedding team learning into large lecture settings.


Increasing levels of student engagement in lectures through team based activities is a key aim of mine. In the seminar, I will share with peers my experiences, resources and reflections of delivering two different activities that have achieved high levels of student engagement in the lecture theatre setting. The first team activity I have named as a ‘High Intensity Interval Training Thinking’ (HIIT) workout. How I designed this activity was by following the principles of the HIIT Workout, where you repeat short bursts of hard work, followed by short bursts of rest. Students had timed thinking activities, followed by timed periods of rest. The second activity is based on ‘Diagnosing and Remedying’ the effects of organisational culture and management style on working practices and behaviours. Teams are presented with posters which convey through image and text company information along with a detailed cultural web. With this information, they are set the task of diagnosing and recommending organisational remedies.

Speaker Bio:

Sarah is a Senior Teaching Fellow who joined the UCL School of Management in 2013. Sarah is currently module lead for three courses: Understanding Management, Business Research Methods and Dissertation. Prior to joining the education sector in 2003, Sarah worked for a private training company committed to workplace training; here Sarah spent several years as a national coach supporting local managers and two years setting up operations in the UAE. Sarah is a Senior Fellow of the HEA and holds a Doctorate from Essex Business School, University of Essex.