e_leaheyEmily Leahey is a Business & Management Student who has taken an Internship at Matalan Headquarters in Knowsley for one year in a role as Trading Process IP on the Trading Support and Process Team.

Further to an initial site visit to discuss her Placement and role in the team,  Emily stated:

‘I am fully enjoying my placement at Matalan on the Trading Process team. Being on this team has allowed me an insight into many areas of the business, ranging from international, supply chain, imports and merchandising. I feel like this is a beneficial role for me as it is giving me a rounded view of the company and that exposure that not many university students would get.

From my second year at university what really helped me secure my placement was the mock assessment centre I attended in January. The assessment centre was similar, if not exactly the same, as Matalan’s centre went to for my interview. I felt this was really beneficial as it set me up for what to expect and how to present myself to employers, i.e. what to say and what to prepare.

Also I feel many of my modules from second year have helped me in my role at Matalan. I can see clear links from my HR modules (BUS 2018 Managing the human resource and BUS 2024 Managing people), when helping with the company training sessions.
When I sit with other teams across the business (e.g. buying, merchandising) I can see what I have learnt from BUS 2031 Retail Marketing Planning and BUS 2035 Consumer Behaviour be used on the trading floor. These modules have also been helpful when receiving feedback from the trading floor on any company training sessions we have rolled out, to know what to improve on and how to take what the ‘customer’ wants into consideration.

Overall I am very happy with my placement at Matalan and can see this allowing me to grow my skills and be a valuable experience.’