Chloe Lawrence, Business & Management (pictured second row, right.) said “going to MAG has taught me that when an opportunity is there, take it, even if you don’t really know what you want to do, there are a million and one different stepping stones that it could lead you to. Taking the opportunities opens your options and if you’re like me and still stuck on what you want to do with your degree it can help you find something that you love. Having the graduates that are there to answer any questions was really valuable, they gave a lot of advice about masters and sandwich years, which was really useful. It was nice that everyone had a different story on how they got there, and how experiences like the assessment day, got them to where they are today. The career opportunities are really interesting at MAG, they are in a range of locations which is great if you want to stay close to home, or go somewhere new. They also have a range of different departments so there is a guarantee that something will be of interest to everyone. They also let people trial different departments so that if you don’t know what you want to do then you can experience a few.”

Jessica Macguire, Accountancy (pictured front row, third from left) commented “one of our tasks was to work in a team and designate a list of MAG priorities in numerical order and present it.   We were timed for this activity.   Every group ran out of time to some degree.   During feedback we were told that this was the most common downfall and good time keeping was key. The graduates advised us to always wear a watch to assessment centre days and keep one eye on the time. They also advised that it is normal practise to turn off your phone, so not to rely on that for the time.  Finally, we were advised to create a LinkedIn profile and ‘always’ look up CEOs, MDs and members of the department in which you wish to work.   This is good practise, but also makes a connection with the assessors before you arrive.”

Matthew Gardener, Computing (pictured back row far left) said “the network connections generated from this event will prove invaluable when it comes to applying for sandwich year placements and jobs at the end of your degree. In some cases, these connections might even come in useful during graduate enterprise as you can draw on their knowledge and skills to enrich your company. MAG itself has a large graduate scheme and all the graduates spoke highly of the company and the positive experiences they have had so far. A number of the graduates had spent time moving around the company trying out a number of the different roles to get a feel for what best suited them, working in areas that they did not necessarily cover during their degree.”

Lauren Hugo, Marketing with Advertising (pictured front row, second right) felt “the day at Manchester Olympic House with MAG was brilliant. It opened my eyes to opportunities I hadn’t thought about & really made me look forward to what I could be capable of achieving in the future. The tasks that we were set really tested our ability to work as a team & an individual, but the challenge was enjoyable & we received all positive feedback.

The Graduates & the Talent Spotter were available for networking at the end of the session & I collected some email addresses. We are in the progress of sorting out some volunteer work in link with their charity “Click Sargent”, through the Edge Hill Business Society”.

Waqas Ali, Computing (pictured on second row) felt that the “interview questions workshop sharpened our question answering skills as well as gaining a better understanding of what employers look for when interviewing candidates.   The event then concluded with a Q&A from the graduates, which was a chance to understand how they got to working for MAG, as well as giving advice on life after university.”

Graeme Cain, Business & Management (pictured front row, third from right) has taken an opportunity to move moving forward from this event as “networking has granted me the opportunity to return at a later date for temporary work or to possibly spend a day at the airport shadowing current graduates. This arisen after my enquiry into possible sandwich placements for 2017, but the staff couldn’t commit to this at the moment, as these are not offered annually. My MAG Advisor still stressed the importance of experience and how students should feel free to get in touch for work. I am keen to do this, and have gathered contact details from staff members and graduates willing to help.”

You can read more about the event and how Edge Hill students were ‘talent spotted’ here.