As part of a Graduate Enterprise module, Second Year Business School students were visited by marketing staff from John Lewis Partnership. The students were given an insight in how John Lewis makes use of visual merchandising marketing to attract the eye of and entice the customer to make a purchase. Some of the issues discussed were how complementary products should be positioned and the role of colour in attracting the eye of customers; this was followed up by an exercise where students were asked to look at some existing merchandising displays and consider if they could be improved and to consider what makes a successful display stand.

The students will be holding a trade fair at the start of February and the visit and the exercise is to help them prepare for this – the aim is to make sure each group’s stand is as appealing to customers as possible.

Graduate Enterprise is a second year module opened to students from both the Business School and the School of Computing. Supported by the University and Young Enterprise, the businesses that the students run are registered at Companies House and like any other going concern, each is keen to make a profit and grow their business.