At a recent Customer Services Conference held at the Ramada Plaza Hotel, Southport, Dr. Charles Knight spoke about the need for authenticity in communications when using social media for the purposes of winning new customers.

Charles noted that

When considering the attributes that successful small businesses have, underpinning them is a level of trust with their customers that other larger businesses may struggle to emulate. They might be able to copy your products and undercut your prices but can they build the same relationship of trust that you have? Social Media is an important channel in building and maintaining that trust or losing it if you mishandle customers in such a public forum.

The event was held on the 28th of February and was organised by SD Marketing & Events and was designed how to show business how to be successful in business and deliver outstanding customer experience. Other speakers at the event included  Margaret Carney CEO of Sefton Council, Paul McLaughlin from Delta Taxis and Christiane Hutchinson an expert in customer service.

As part of the event, Charles took along two of his students, Craig Billington, a 3rd year BA (Hons) Accountancy student and Greg Anderton, a 1st year BA (Hons) Management student to discuss their experiences of setting up and running their own businesses alongside their studies.

Within the Business School, students are encouraged to attend external networking and professional events with staff as part of their personal development and to build links with industry that will increase their employability.