Thom Dallimore

Thom Dallimore portrait photo

Thom Dallimore – Research Technician/ PhD Student

Thom Dallimore came to Edge Hill University after changing from a successful ten year career in conservation ecology working for organisations such as the Wildlife Trust, the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust and Natural England. During this time Thom developed a reputation designing and implementing large scale rewetting programmes on damaged wetlands in the North West of England. He still acts an ecological advisor, sitting on the Wildlife Trusts Conservation Committee and the Great Manchester Wetlands Technical Advisory Group.

He currently works full time at Edge Hill as a Research Technician establishing the departments new Molecular and Ecology Laboratories, the development of its new insectary cultures, and the installation of Fluorescence and Scanning Electron Microscopy. Thom is also an active researcher currently undertaking his MPhil/PhD by developing and utilising genetic markers to study the dispersal ecology of soil dwelling microarthropods. He is also currently developing a guide to the British Mosquitos (Culicidae) along with Dr Clare Strode (Edge Hill University) and the Field Studies Council (FSC), and is renowned as a published scientific illustrator and photographer, examples of his work can be found below.


  • Utilising genetic markers to determine the dispersal capabilities of above and belowground species of collembola.
  • Development of microsatellite markers in Collembola.
  • The ecology and taxonomy of British native and invasive Mosquitos
  • Community structures of collembola in upland limestone habitat.
  • The effectiveness of monitoring strategies for disease vectors: mosquito influx into the UK.
  • The effects of landscape scale restoration projects on species connectivity and gene flow.


      • Invertebrate Ecology
      • Dissertation supervision

Continued Professional Development Training

    • Introduction to the Identification of Mosquitos (Culicidae)
    • Tropical and Temperate Mosquito Rearing and Husbandry


  • BA Wildlife Photography (Lancaster University)
  • PGCert Environmental Management (Liverpool Hope University)
  • PGCert Research: Biology (Edge Hill University)


Thom Dallimore
Biosciences building
Department of Biology
Edge Hill University
Ormskirk, Lancashire
L39 4QP
01695 584 222

Professional memberships

  • British Ecological Society Member
  • Systematics Association Member
  • International Mire Conservation Group Member
  • Lancashire Wildlife Trust Conservation Committee
  • Great Manchester Wetlands NIA Technical Group Member



DALLIMORE, T., and SHAW, P. (2013). Illustrated key to the families of British Springtails (Collembola). AIDGAP. Field Studies Council Publication.

Conference contributions

INTECOL Conference 2013, eXcel London – Delivery of a poster presentation titled ‘Dispersal Ecology of Collembola’.

Wildlife Trusts Volunteer Conference 2011, UCLAN – Assisted in the planning and delivery of a workshop about practices in renewable energy sources.

Wildlife Trusts Volunteer Conference April 2010, UCLAN – Planning and delivery of a workshop entitled ‘How should nature reserves be managed in the future?’.