Jasmine Morgan

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Jasmine Morgan Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD Student

Jasmine joined Edge Hill in September 2017 as a PhD student and Graduate Teaching Assistant. In 2016 she gained her undergraduate degree in Biology at Liverpool Hope University and was awarded the Royal Society of Biology’s Top Student Award.

During her time at Liverpool Hope, Jasmine volunteered at Ness Botanical Gardens, Liverpool World Museum and Liverpool Hope University. Following completion of her undergraduate degree she undertook a six month internship with Biotechnology Company Oxitec where she was involved in the research and development of transgenic insect strains. Following her internship at Oxitec, Jasmine worked as a Graduate Research Assistant at Liverpool Hope University where she continued work from her undergraduate dissertation investigating the phenomena of bacterial persistence and dormancy. The work Jasmine produced with her co-authors at Liverpool Hope University has been published in Microbiology.

Jasmine’s PhD project will investigate mechanisms behind insecticide resistance in the Dengue and Zika vector mosquito Aedes aegypti. The study will focus on the role the cuticle, and its thickness in the development of resistance.


  • The role of cuticular thickness in conferring insecticide resistance in the Dengue and Zika vector mosquito Aedes aegypti


  • Morgan J., Smith M., McAuley M.T., Salcedo-Sora J.E. (2018) Disrupting folate metabolism reduces the capacity of bacteria in exponential growth to develop persisters to antibiotics. Microbiology, 164:1432 – 1445.


  • Laboratory Masterclass: Fluorescent microscopy
  • Laboratory Masterclass: Scanning electron microscopy
  • Biology of Disease
  • Current Issues in Biology
  • Dissertation


  • BSc (Hons) Biology (Liverpool Hope University)