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Carl Barker Postdoctoral Researcher

Carl Barker joined Edge Hill University as an undergraduate on its BSc Biology programme. Following graduation, he worked for two years as a Research Assistant examining potential niche separation in the closely-related British tree species, Tilia cordata and T. platyphyllos (lime trees), before securing a position as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. His PhD research examined a various aspects of the ecology and population genetics of T. cordata. He is currently employed as a postdoctoral researcher exploring the relationship between aging and DNA methylation in lime trees.


  • Using edaphic and physiographic data to contrast ecological preferences of British Tilia species
  • Reproductive strategy in Tilia cordata as revealed by fine-scale genetic structure
  • Examining the spatial genetic structure of woodland fragments inhabited by T. cordata
  • Ecological epigenetics of Tilia cordata (small leaved lime)


SCI1106 Variation, Evolution and Heredity

SCI3311 Ecological Genetics



BSc (Hons) Biology (Edge Hill University)

PhD (Edge Hill University)



Journal Articles

  • Barker, C., Ashton, M. and Ashton, P. A. (2015) ‘Segregation of Tilia cordata and platyphyllos (Malvaceae) along environmental gradients’, New Journal of Botany. 5(3), pp. 157–163. doi: 10.1080/20423489.2015.1123968.

Conference Papers

  • Barker, C., Ashton, P. A., Bugg, C. (2011) ‘Hybridisation between Tilia’. 55th Ecological Genetics Group Meeting. Royal Foundation of St Katherine Conference Centre, London
  • Barker, C., Bugg, C., Wolff, K., Ashton, P. A. (2012) ‘The pattern and extent of hybridization between Tilia cordata (Small leaved lime) and platyphyllos (Large leaved lime)’. 56th Ecological Genetics Group Meeting. Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University
  • Wolff, K., Phuekvilai, P., Barker, C., Ashton, P. A. (2012) ‘Genetic diversity and hybridisation in ancient lime trees (Tilia)’. PopGroup 46. Gilmore Hill Campus, Glasgow University
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  • Barker, C., Voller, F., Ashton, P. A. (2015) ‘Clonal incidence and structure in a range-edge population of Tilia cordata’. 59th Ecological Genetics Group meeting. Edge Hill University, Ormskirk
  • Barker, C., Voller, F., Ashton, P.A. (2016) ‘Incidence and structure of asexual reproduction in a temperate canopy tree species across its UK range’. 60th Ecological Genetics Group meeting. University of Aberystwyth, Aberystwyth
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  • Barker, C., Wilkinson, M., Ashton, P. A. (2018) ‘Ecological epigenetics of Tilia cordata (small leaved lime)’, 62nd Ecological Genetics Group Meeting. London, UK
  • Barker, C., Ashton, P. A. (2018) ‘Patterns of clonality in Tilia cordata (small leaved lime)’, 62nd Ecological Genetics Group Meeting. London, UK



Carl Barker

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