Second Annual Meeting

April 5 2016, Edge Hill University

Our second meeting was held on 5th April 2016 at Buglife – The Invertebrate Conservation Trust, in Peterborough. It was attended by 25 delegates from thirteen organisations across the UK including Universities, Forestry Commission, and Buglife, Woodland Trust and Natural England. Research was presented on a diverse range of topics from role of Agrilus biguttatus in Acute Oak Decline (Daegan Inward, Forestry Commission), to the use of entomopathogenic nematodes and fungi in biological control (David Williams, Liverpool John Moores University), the geographic origins of the Asian Longhorn Beetle (Larissa Collins, FERA), Buglife’s work on Sc41 saproxylic invertebrates (Sarah Henshall, Buglife) and the PANTHEON Online Analytical Tool of insect species habitat associations and status (Jon Webb, Natural England). A selection of these are available for download below.

Meeting Booklet and Abstracts: Download PDF

Oral presentations:

  1. A-Z ( Albania to Zimbabwe) of global forest health, 1997-2013; Gillian Allard; Formerly of UN-FAO Forest Health.
  2. An overview of Pine-tree Lappet Moth (Dendrolimus pini) in Scotland; Katrina Dainton, Roger Moore; Forest Research, Forestry Commission.
  3. Pine weevil and its enemies: Use of entomopathogenic nematodes and fungi in biological control; Chris Williams; Liverpool John Moores University; Download PDF.
  4. Woodland Creation and Ecological Networks project (WrEN); Lauren Fuller; Stirling University; Download PDF.
  5. Do insects that overwinter as adults in British woodland exhibit a preference for south-facing hibernacula? Joe Gray; Bangor University; Download PDF.
  6. Exploring the role of Agrilus biguttatus in Acute Oak Decline; Daegan Inward; Forest Research, Forestry Commission.
  7. The two-spotted oak buprestid (Agrilus bigutattus) in the UK: opportunities for control via chemical communication; József Vuts; Rothamstead Research.
  8. Determining the geographical origin of the Asian Longhorn Beetle; Larissa Collins; Larissa Collins; FERA Science Ltd; Download PDF.
  9. Windsor specialities- Buglife’s work on Sc41 saproxylic invertebrates at Highstanding Hill; Sarah Henshall, Buglife; Download PDF.
  10. PANTHEON Online Analytical Tool: the tree-associated elements; Natural England; Jon Webb; Download PDF.

Poster presentations:

  1. Home is where the heart-rot is; Jordan Cuff, Cardiff University.
  2. Carrion beetle assemblages in UK habitats; Matthew Esh; Edge Hill University, Download PDF.
  3. Hormone Treatment for Weevils:  Targetting Neuropeptides to Control Forest Pest Damage; Daegan Inward; Forest Research, U.K
  4. Multi-taxa taxonomic and functional diversity in UK plantation forests; Kirsty Godsman; Edge Hill University; Download PDF.
  5. Can plants be used as indicators of the impacts of livestock grazing on carabid beetles in upland calcareous landscapes that contain very small trees? Ashley Lyons, Edge Hill University; Download PDF.