First Annual Meeting

April 16 2015, Edge Hill University

The first meeting was attended by 13 delegates from ten organisations across the UK. Research was presented on a diverse range of topics from spider conservation in rare yew woodlands to using bioacoustics in forest monitoring. The book of abstracts, schedule and PDFs of presentations are available for download below.

Programme Schedule and Abstracts: Download PDF

Oral presentations:

  1. Observations on recent surveillance for Anoplophora glabripennis by FC England; Barnaby Wylder, Forestry Commission; Download PDF
  2. Ground-dwelling spider diversity in rare European oak and yew woodlands and the impact of grazing; Lauren Fuller; Forestry Commission; Download PDF
  3. Thoughts on Priorities for the Conservation of Woodland Invertebrates: with aspen as an example; Alan Stubbs; Vice President of Bug Life, The Invertebrate Conservation Trust; Download PDF
  4. Relative importance of tree species and genetic diversity for insect herbivory in boreal forests; Sandra Barantal; Royal Holloway; Download PDF
  5. Feeding preference and response to olfactory cues in the large pine weevil, Hylobius abietis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae); Katrina Dainton; Harper Adams; Download PDF
  6. Can ground-based assessments of forest biodiversity inform the biological condition of the canopy assemblage? Anne Oxbrough; Edge Hill University; Download PDF
  7. Applications of Bioacoustics in Monitoring Forest Ecosystems; David Chesmore; University of York; Download PDF
  8. Introduction to BiFor – a new multi-disciplinary institute for forest research; Scott Hayward; Birmingham University; Download PDF

Poster presentations:

  1. Do mixed conifer species stands support greater spider diversity than monocultures? Neil Bennett; Edge Hill University; Download PDF
  2. Can spruce plantations support a diverse and forest-associated arthropod fauna? Anne Oxbrough; Edge Hill University; Download PDF
  3. Selection appropriate sampling methods for ground-dwelling arthropods in biodiversity assessment; Sergio Garcia-Tejero; Edge Hill University; Download PDF
  4. The role of environmental heterogeneity in determining arthropod diversity in boreal forests; Anne Oxbrough; Edge Hill University; Download PDF