Invertebrate Ecology Research Group

The Invertebrate Ecology Research Group encompasses a range of specialist areas and ecological approaches at both molecular and whole organism levels. Researchers span the fields of  both population and community ecology, to answer applied questions (e.g. sustainable forest management, upland biodiversity, insecticide resistance ?in vectors of disease).

Members and expertise:

Please contact individual researchers to find out more about a specific area:

Neil Bennett: spiders
Thom Dallimore: mosquitoes; collembola
Matthew Esh: beetles
Kirsty Godsman: spiders, beetles
Dr Ashley Lyons: spiders, beetles
Dr Anne Oxbrough
: spiders, beetles
Dr Clare Strode: mosquitoes; vectors of disease

Identification tools:

Staphylinid beetles
Carabid beetles – Tutorial videos to help with carabid beetle ID

Short courses:

We provide a range of short courses on sampling and identification of spiders, beetles, collembola and mosquitoes (including husbandry).

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