Ecological genetics of Tilia cordata

Carl Barker

The native broadleaf tree genus Tilia (lime trees) is a characteristic component of semi-natural ancient woodland in England, particular the small leaved lime (T. cordata). This project’s overall aim was to expand our knowledge of the ecology and population genetics of the genus using a variety of approaches:

  • It used edaphic and physiographic data to contrast the ecological preferences of British Tilia species
  • It described the reproductive strategy of Tilia cordata as revealed by fine-scale genetic structure
  • It examined the spatial genetic structure of woodland fragments inhabited by Tilia cordata and inferred the effects of fragmentation from this

This was a doctoral research project and now complete.


  • Barker, C., Ashton, M. and Ashton, P. A. (2015) ‘Segregation of Tilia cordata and T. platyphyllos (Malvaceae) along environmental gradients’, New Journal of Botany. 5(3), pp. 157–163. doi: 10.1080/20423489.2015.1123968.