Projects – Ecology and Evolution

An illustration of a mosquitoThe Mosquitos (Culicidae) of Great Britain

Thom Dallimore and Dr Clare Strode


Carl Barker portrait imageEcological genetics of Tilia cordata

Carl Barker


Carl Barker portrait image

Ecological Epigenetics of Tilia Cordata

Carl Barker


Ecology and conservation status of temporary ponds in two areas of southern England

Alan Bedford

Characteristics of Tilia cordata (Small Leaved Lime) at its Range Margins and their Implications in View of Climate Change

Clare Bugg

Thomas Dallimore portrait imageDispersal Ecology of Collembola (Springtails)

Thomas Dallimore


Origins of the disjunct distribution of the Estuarine sedge (Carex recta)Mary Dean portrait image

Mary Dean

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