A group of researchers and students from the Biology Department’s Group for Extreme and Marine Microbiology (GEMM) has just returned from their participation on the 2018 Extremophiles Conference – the biggest meeting in the world on Life under Extreme Conditions – taking place in Ischia, Italy.

The team included Dr André Antunes, Dr Marta Filipa Simões and 4 undergraduate students supported by the EHU Student Opportunity Fund to attend their first scientific conference: Abbie Broomfield, Bryn McCulloch, Hollie Leighton, and James d’Arcy. The team’s participation consisted of one oral communication and 4 posters, which included input from other current and previous members of the group:

  • “Exploring Deep-Sea Brines as Potential Terrestrial Analogues Of Oceans in the Icy Moons of the Outer Solar System”– Antunes, A., Olson-Francis, K. & McGenity, T. J. (Oral Communication)
  • Salinisphaera shabanensis – A New Extremophilic Model Organism for the Space Exposure Experiment MEXEM”- Antunes, A., Beblo-Vranesevic, K., Bohmeier, M. & Rettberg, P. (Poster)
  • “Differential Effects of Extreme Environmental Conditions on Filamentous Fungi”– Broomfield, A., Leighton, H. & Simões M.F. (Poster)
  • “Differential Tolerance to Salinity and Metals of Microbial Strains from Different Pools of the Anderton Brine Springs (UK)”– D’Arcy, J., McCulloch, B., Kelbrick, M., Simões, M. F. & Antunes, A. (Poster)
  • “Microbiology and Bioprospection Of Saline Environments in the Northwest of England”– Kelbrick, M., Gray, G., More, P., Simões, M. F. & Antunes, A. (Poster)