This September saw the first annual joint research forum between the Biology and Geography Departments. Aimed at showcasing postgraduate research, the afternoon saw 12 oral presentations from current PhD and Master’s by Research students as well as posters from the Biology department summer internship students.

Research presented ranged from detecting the geological signs of past hurricanes (paleotempestology) to predict future extreme weather events to the population genetics of the Marsh Fritillary, one of the UK and Europe’s most threatened butterflies.

The full programme can be found below:


Talk Session One
14:00 Angela Creevy Microbial controls on carbon fluxes in forest-to-bog restoration
14:15 Brenden Beckett The effect of tree species diversity and drought on spider assemblages
14:30 Jasmine Morgan The role of cuticular modifications in conferring insecticide resistance in the Dengue vector mosquito Aedes aegypti
14:45 Kirsty Godsman Multi-taxa functional diversity in UK plantation forests
15:00 Rebecca Whitla Fieldwork, labwork and networking – an overview of a biology MRes (so far…) phylogeographic analysis of the marsh fritillary in Britain and Ireland
15:15 Daniel Knight The influence of topography on pollution deposition in Snowdonia National Park and the Yorkshire Dales National Park
Poster Session
Megan Douglas Cryptic antibiotic gene clusters from Streptomyces venezuelae – express yourselves!
Rosalie Stewart Effect of testosterone on ishikawa cells
James D’Arcy Biominerals or no biominerals, that is the question…
Ashley Tuffin Genetic connectivity of yellow rattle in meadows and other grasslands
Amy Gill Sorting Carabidae, Aranaea and Staphylinidae for future research
Graham Stelfox Are stress levels in deer affected by visitor numbers to Lyme Park?
Talk Session Two
16:00 Tom Waymouth Identifying species specific microsatellite loci for British populations of mosquito Culex modestus, a potential vector of West Nile Virus
16:15 Emma Readitt Holocene Palaeotempestology and environmental change in the Gulf Coast of the US
16:30 Thom Dallimore Mosquitoes in context: Issues with pest species in the UK and how to tackle them with improvements in surveillance
16:45 Michelle Davis The population and conservation genetics of Euphydryas aurinia, the Marsh Fritillary Butterfly, in the British Isles
17:00 María del Pilar Martín Gallego Using Sentinel-2 satellite imagery to map alien tree invasions in the Valdivian temperate forests of Chile
17:15 Priyanka More Microbiology of gradient rich environments