Charlotte Hands
BSc (Hons) Biology

Industrious ResearchIndustry experience gained from a third year placement at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, helped Charlotte secure a prestigious Medical Research Council Industrial Collaborative Award in Science and Engineering (iCASE) studentship.

As a current iCASE PhD student, she is supported by both the University of Manchester and the International Waters Corporation to conduct a study focusing on allergens in the blood stream and subsequent allergic reactions. Charlotte conducts this research using proteomic based approaches such as mass spectrometry.

She also represents the Institute of Inflammation and Repair and the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology, leading discussions on topics such as, the history of allergies, current research on controlled food challenges and the identification of potential biomarkers of allergic reactions at North West Allergy Network meetings.

“The skills developed while experiencing both environments of the university and placement labs, helped me to secure a scholarship, which enabled me to complete my MSc at the University of York and subsequently secure a funded PhD position.”

Charlotte Hands