A group of researchers and students from the Biology Department’s Group for Extreme and Marine Microbiology (GEMM) has just returned from their participation on the 2018 Microbiology Society’s Annual Conference in Birmingham – the biggest annual microbiology event in Europe.

The team, led by Dr André Antunes presented 6 posters focusing on microbiology of high salinity environments, biotechnological applications, geomicrobiology, and bio-animation:

  • “Innovative Assessments in Microbiology: The Bio-animation Project Experience”- Antunes, A., Fernández-Martínez, L., Ashton, P. & Jukes, A.
  • “Environmental Characterisation and Metabolic Profiling of The Anderton Park Brine Springs: An Unexpectedly Diverse Hypersaline Environment”- Gray, G., Barsby, M., Kelbrick, M., Cooney, C. & Antunes, A.
  • “Microbial Bioprospection in the Cheshire Salt District: Surveying Bioplastic-Producing Potential”- Hardman, R., Kelbrick, M., Simões, M. F. & Antunes, A.
  • “The Cheshire Salt District: An Unexplored Source of Halophiles with Biotechnological Potential”- Kelbrick, M. & Antunes, A.
  • “Genomic-based Insights into the Production of CaCO3 Biominerals by Bacillus and Idiomarina”- Loftus, P. & Antunes, A.
  • “First Insights into the Microbial Diversity of the RSPB Marshside Saltmarsh”– More, P., McGenity, T. & Antunes, A.

In addition to Dr André Antunes, the group included Dr Marta Simões (supported by the Microbiology Society), PhD student Priyanka More, and dissertation students Philippa Loftus, George Gray, and Matthew Kelbrick. The dissertation students were supported by EHU’s Student Opportunity Fund, and were thus able to attend their first scientific conference and present results of their research to other experts in the field.