Partnership with NSG improves employability

A student looks down a microscope while undertaking research in one of our laboratories.

As a major employer of science graduates, leading glass manufacturer NSG was the ideal organisation to help shape Edge Hill University’s new Biology programmes in 2013. When discussions revealed that, in general, science graduates’ lab skills were inadequate to meet the increasing demands of employers for skilled workers, the Biology Department resolved to address this through its new curriculum.

Today, all second year students study a Lab Masterclass module, which allows them time to develop expertise with equipment and also to gain less glamorous, but essential, lab skills such as keeping a lab notebook, risk assessment and health and safety. The Masterclasses also give students considerable experience of working in three key areas of biology: DNA technologies, microbiology and microscopy, including light microscopy and Scanning Electron Microscopy, equipping them with the skills required to impress employers like NSG.

“For the last four years students have enjoyed a unique opportunity to develop lab skills across a range of equipment to a high level. This has had multiple benefits, and has resulted in higher numbers of our students moving on to employment in labs or excelling in postgraduate courses with a considerable lab component.”

Professor Paul Ashton, Head of Biology