Carex recta near Bonar Bridge (3)   Armeria maritima Thrift (3)At this time of year, members of the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland (BSBI) eagerly await the arrival of the Field Meetings Programme. One of highlights this summer will be the two day meeting in July in Easter Ross, led by Dr Brian Ballinger, the recorder for the vice county of Easter Ross, and Dr Mary Dean, Associate Tutor in Biology at Edge Hill University.

Mary has been researching some of Britain’s rare sedges, including the Estuarine Sedge (Carex recta) which will be visited during the meeting at a site near Bonar Bridge. It is one of the small number of plant species that will tolerate inundation by high tides, so wellies are the recommended footwear when Mary shows the group the extensive stands of sedges in the dynamic river-edge habitats.

In addition to the Estuarine Sedge, the botanical interest in the local area includes the orchid Creeping Lady’s-tresses, Purple Milk-vetch, Oysterplant, Variegated Horsetail, Rough Horsetail, and the extensive Eelgrass and Dwarf Eelgrass populations on the beaches.

It will be an opportunity for BSBI members to visit an unspoilt part of the Scottish coast on the south side of the Dornoch Firth.