PhD student secures exclusive interview with world-leading scientist

A PhD student at Edge Hill University whose antimicrobial research could aid the discovery of new antibiotics has secured a “once in a lifetime” opportunity to interview one of the world’s leading scientists.

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Edge Hill student leads new research to save UK butterflies

As the UN Summit on Biodiversity takes place in New York this week, the Biology department at Edge Hill University is leading a new study to save the UK’s most threatened butterfly.

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Are Britain’s young people going plant blind?

Researchers at Edge Hill University have discovered why fewer students are choosing to study the biology of plants and are calling for changes to the curriculum to address ‘plant blindness’ to protect this much needed profession.

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Plant science applicant providing PPE for NHS

A prospective student due to join Edge Hill University has been helping in the fight against COVID-19 by producing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS colleagues.

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Getting serious on foodborne pathogens

How should we deal with the threat of pathogens in our food? How can we use our knowledge of them to improve food safety? Second-year Food Science students discussed these and more questions during a poster session on foodborne pathogens as part of the new module on Food Microbiology. The event – which took place […]

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Buzzin’ Campus

There’s a buzz on campus: meet our bees, and the Society president caught in their honey trap.

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