Teaching excellence at Edge Hill University recognised by students

Teaching excellence at one of the North West’s top universities has been recognised by students in the annual National Student Survey. Following a £300m investment programme, Edge Hill University is the best in the region for Learning Resources and in the top three for Learning Opportunities and Academic Support. The University’s Course Teaching received an […]

Biologist discovers new breakthrough gene treatment halting the effects of Cystic Fibrosis

Nanoparticles in action An Edge Hill University Associate Professor in Human Biology has helped discover a breakthrough gene therapy treatment halting the debilitating effects of Cystic Fibrosis. Dr Aristides Tagalakis and his team have found that nanoparticles can be used in gene therapy to regulate and ‘silence’ (stop) the mutated genes responsible for producing thick […]

High climbing researcher part of vital worldwide plant research group

An Edge Hill University lecturer is helping to create a vital worldwide research group studying a special group of plants which grow high up in the canopy of tropical forests. Senior Lecturer in Plant Science Sven Batke, is one of the world’s leading researchers studying epiphytes (air plants) which don’t take root in soil and […]

Team of Edge Hill researchers and students participate in Extremophiles 2018

A group of researchers and students from the Biology Department’s Group for Extreme and Marine Microbiology (GEMM) has just returned from their participation on the 2018 Extremophiles Conference – the biggest meeting in the world on Life under Extreme Conditions – taking place in Ischia, Italy. The team included Dr André Antunes, Dr Marta Filipa […]

The CHASE is on! Hunting for new microbes and biotechnological applications in the threatened salterns of Cabo Verde

Members of the Biology Department’s Group for Extreme and Marine Microbiology (GEMM) have recently participated in a scientific expedition to the Islands of Cabo Verde. The international, cross-disciplinary team, led by Dr André Antunes, and also including Dr Marta Filipa Simões (Biology), Dr James Rowson (Geography), and Aires da Moura (Universidade Jean Piaget de Cabo […]