MRes Project Areas 2017-18

We support MRes projects which broadly fall within the remit of our staff research interests (, during the next academic year we are particularly interested in supporting MRes projects in the following areas:

Invertebrate Ecology and Sustainable Forest Management with Dr Anne Oxbrough.

  • Spider and beetle diversity in experimental forest sites in the UK and France and the role of mixed plantations forests in supporting ecosystem resilience.
  • Biodiversity in UK commercial plantation forests supporting sustainable forest management and resilience. Projects will primarily focus on invertebrates or plants, but those on microbial and fungal ecology will also be considered.

Microbiology and Geomicrobiology with Dr André Antunes.

  • The diversity of extremophilic Bacteria and Archaea in unexplored high salinity environments in the UK (including salt mines and brine springs), discovering new microbial species, and investigating their potential biotechnological applications.
  • The production of biominerals by different types of microbes, the influence of environmental conditions on biomineral production, and analyzing potential biotechnological applications.

Rare skin disorders with Dr Katja Eckl.

  • Enhancing enhance knowledge in burn-patient care, with focus on skin re-pigmentation*.
  • Furthering understanding of p63 expression and signalling in neuroectodermal cells and melanocytes*.

*Applicants should have previous knowledge in human cell culture techniques, preferable iPSC culture to at least undergraduate level.

Ecological genetics or plant evolution with Professor Paul Ashton.

  • Ecological aspects of epigenetics, speciation, landscape genetics and taxonomy.

Please contact the supervisors directly to discuss the projects above, or the MRes coordinator in Biology, Dr Anne Oxbrough to discuss the overall programme or proposing your own research topic.

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