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Edge Hill’s Undergraduate Dance Companies Power Up in Winter Intensives 2020

“It’s a fantastic opportunity for dancers and artists to be put in a shared opportunity for challenge and pushing through boundaries together”
Beth Payton, January 2020

2020 got off to a busy start for the Edge Hill Undergraduate Dance Companies 3rdEdge and Edge FWD with the Winter Intensives delivered this year by three nationally and internationally acclaimed choreographers Charlotte Broom, Beth Payton and Bettina Carpi, who created the technically demanding and exquisite pieces – ‘Human Heard’, ‘LUNA’ and ‘When You Light a Candle, You Also Cast a Shadow’. Students worked at an intense professional pace during a four-day period, which culminated in a performance sharing in the Studio Theatre at the Edge Hill Arts Centre. In the following weeks the students were very busy, organizing rehearsals and making sure their delivery of the choreographies became increasingly more refined as they prepared for performances, on and beyond campus at important Dance events across the country.

Senior Lecturer Michelle Man, who coordinates and looks after the companies notes that: “Not only is it an excellent opportunity for the students to work within a professional environment and gain experience from artists they may aspire to work with in the future, but the choreographers also get to see how their work fits on a stage in the early part of their creative process, which is a very rare opportunity and one that we are able to offer in our amazing facilities here in the Arts Centre”. This is something that has been recognized by the many cutting edge UK and European choreographers in previous editions such as Alessandra Seutin, Theo Clinkard, Sally Marie, Matieu Geffré- Gardiner, Gary Clarke, James Wilton, Joss Arnott, and Rachel Kay who have made work with our students that has gone on to tour both nationally and internationally.

This year’s themes explored by the choreographers – care, trust and nurturing the individual within the collective in Charlotte Broom’s ‘Human Heard’, the power of the female body in Beth Payton’s ‘LUNA’ and an eco-political questioning through the dancing body of our relation to climate change in Bettina Carpi’s ‘When You Light a Candle, You Also Cast a Shadow’ – have generated some powerful and poignant performances. As former principal at Northern Ballet and Swedish Cullberg Ballet Charlotte enthused: “The standard of the dancers at Edge Hill is really high, so it’s been an absolute pleasure to make work here…it’s been a great experience.”