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What Have I Done To Deserve This?



Supritha Aithal



What Have YOU Done to Deserve this was a significant Arts Centre commission in 2019.

Mark Edward & Company
What Have YOU Done to Deserve This?

What Have YOU Done to Deserve This? is a quirky performance piece that explores the absurdities of (queer) life through a playful mix of tragi-comedy via the inroads of drag, dance, theatre, stand-up (or stand-down), disco, rejection and destruction. In What Have YOU Done to Deserve This? ‘has been’s’, ‘wannabe’s’ and ‘gonna be’s’ come together through a working-class narrative underscored with themes of sex, class and toxic masculinity.

Warning: this piece may contain nudity, bad language, bad attitude and 1980’s music.

Devised and directed by Mark Edward

Performed by Mark Edward and Company at the Arts Centre, November 2019

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