Undergraduate Degree Framework Handbook

Edge Hill’s Undergraduate Degree Framework is a set of guiding principles for the design of all undergraduate awards validated by the University, providing both structural guidelines and a signpost to matters of policy that the University requires to be embedded in its taught provision. Working within the Academic Regulations the Framework is essentially permissive and enabling and encourages the development of a contemporary curriculum which:

  • Is consistent with relevant external and internal reference points, notably the UK Quality Code for Higher Education
  • Reflects the attributes of the Edge Hill University Graduate (see section 2 – The Student Learning Experience: ‘High Order Questions and Challenges’);
  • Provides guidance on the shape and size of modules that best serve the needs of learners and subject areas;
  • Uses flexible learning to maximise accessibility and relevance to students (and employers);
  • Allows for student-initiated learning and employer involvement in curriculum design, delivery and assessment and recognises prior and concurrent ‘extramural’ learning (RP[E]L) and Work-Based Learning (WBL);
  • Embeds student support to facilitate learners’ transition into, through and out of programmes.

This Handbook has been designed to assist programme teams preparing for the validation of new undergraduate degree programmes. It is also relevant to the monitoring and review of existing provision to ensure its continuing appropriateness in respect of curriculum, quality and standards. The process of review, reflection and sharing of good practice is essential to successful implementation of the Framework and it is intended that this Handbook will evolve over time to reflect and draw upon on the experiences of users.

Contents of the Handbook:
Section 1 ~ Design Requirements
Section 2 ~ The Student Learning Experience: ‘High Order Questions and Challenges’
Section 3 ~ Support and Guidance

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