Programme Modifications

Once validated, most Edge Hill programmes are approved until the next five-yearly Periodic Review of their host department or subject area which confirms their appropriateness to continue. In the meantime the University has processes for modifying programmes to maintain their currency in respect of academic and professional standards and enhance the quality of student learning opportunities. Programme modifications are either minor (up to half of any level/year of a programme) which may be approved by Faculties, or major (up to two-thirds of a level/year) which require approval at University level. Other types of major modification include changes to programme learning outcomes and award titles. Modifications affecting more than two-thirds of a year/level will usually necessitate a full re-validation. Because modifications may affect the content of the programme that students have enrolled on the University has robust processes to consider their justification and the extent to which students have been informed of, consulted on or consented to the changes. A full description of the approval process for minor and major modifications is contained in Quality Management Handbook Chapter 4 [PDF].

Initial Proposals for Major Modification (IPM) are generated electronically using the University’s E-VAL system