Useful Information

This page should provide you with all the information and guidance you need for your role as an external examiner, if you require anything else please contact the External Examiners Administrator.

External Examiners Handbook

The Handbook offers an overview of your role, duties and general information.

Fees and Expenses

Please use the claim form, new starter form and new payment set up form.

Quality Management Handbook

Chapter 2 of the Quality Management Handbook provides in depth detail on processes relating to external examiners.


If you have any queries in relation to subject specific administration, for example samples of assessment, Module Boards, meetings with the programme team or other local matters, you should consult the departmental administrator or your Faculty liaison in the first instance.


Occasionally your duties may require you to stay overnight in the local area. If you require any accommodation, this can be arranged by the External Examiner Administrator.

Edge Hill University is directly invoiced by the hotel for the room, so any other expenses incurred must be claimed back using the claim form.

In exceptional cases we may approve examiners to book their own accommodation up to a maximum cost of £80 inclusive of VAT and in such circumstances the External Examiners Administrator must be consulted beforehand.

Car Parking and Taxis

If you are driving or require taxi arrangements, please email the External Examiners Administrator who can organise this for you.

If using a taxi service, please submit your receipt with the claim form.

Faculty of Education External Examiners who require transport for placement visits should contact the Faculty of Education Placements Office directly.

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