Assessment Boards

People meeting in a board roomAssessment Boards operate with delegated authority from Academic Board in confirming progression and award results. Edge Hill University operates a two-tier Assessment Board system for the determination of marks and results:

  • 1st Tier: Module Assessment Boards
  • 2nd Tier: Progression and Award Boards

Combined Tier Assessment Boards may be convened where appropriate within programme/courses to assume the responsibilities of both Module Assessment Boards and Progression/Award Boards.

External examiners are required to attend appropriate Assessment Board meetings but the University is conscious that, within a tiered Assessment Board system, it may not be possible for external examiners to attend at both Module and Programme level. The University’s general position is that subject external examiners should attend at the Module Board Level with specifically designated examiners attending at the Second Tier stage. Where the operation of combined boards means that external examiners can attend both Module and Progression and Award Boards there is no requirement to designate individuals to have an oversight of the Second Tier stage.

It is important to stress that whilst the University stipulates a minimum requirement for attendance at Assessment Boards, external examiners have a right, and are welcome, to attend all Assessment Boards they are associated with at any level.

If you would like anymore information regarding the Role and Remit of Edge Hill Assessment Boards, please contact the Senior Registrar.

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