Quality Assurance of Academic Partnerships


Information on the Quality Management Procedures for Academic Partnerships can be found in Chapter 5 [PDF] of the Quality Management Handbook.


Approval and Re-approval

Edge Hill University’s procedures for the Approval and Re-approval of  Academic Partnerships are detailed in in Chapter 5 [PDF] of the Quality Management Handbook.

The University adopts a risk based approach to Academic Partnerships. The University’s processes for the Approval and Re-approval of Academic Partnerships have been designed to reflect the level of risk of the different types of Academic Partnerships. They ensure that its procedures are proportionate and appropriate and enable due consideration to be given according to the level of risk.

Annual Monitoring

Edge Hill University’s Annual Monitoring process for Academic Partnerships is detailed in in Chapter 5 [PDF] of the Quality Management Handbook

FAQs – Annual Monitoring

What category of provision am I?

Please refer to the Academic Partnerships Register for further details https://www.edgehill.ac.uk/aqdu/collaborativeprovision/collaborative-provision-register/ or discuss with your Faculty Partnership Officer

What is the process for the Annual Review of partners?

In 2019 a review of processes was undertaken and minor changes made to the AMR process. Now referred to as an Annual Review, a single process operates for all categories of partner, requiring the Edge Hill University Academic Liaison Tutor to complete a form. This template considers relevant aspects of performance, student feedback and other intelligence to confirm that the quality and standards remain in tact. Actions can be identified to improve the partnerships or resolve any issues arising, and partners have an opportunity to comment on the report before it is submitted through the academic governance structure. .