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Welcome to the School of Law, Criminology and Policing. We provide the opportunity to study in a dynamic, relevant and professionally informed manner, and in an engaging and supportive environment. Our teaching and student learning is informed by our cutting-edge, internationally recognised policing research.

When you study policing at Edge Hill, you’ll start your career in the force with our pre-join degree licensed by the College of Policing. Put your skills to the test, and develop the knowledge and confidence you need to enter the policing workforce.

Police training and simulation

Policing students also have access to a new Training and Simulation Facility, affectionately known as the ‘Crime House’. The Crime House can be used by students to work through policing and law exercises in a realistic domestic setting.

Watch Rachel’s video about how the Crime House has helped put theory into practice on their Professional Policing degree.

Take a look around the Training and Simulation Facility

Law and Psychology building

When studying policing at Edge Hill, you will be located in the £6m Law and Psychology building. The three-storey space includes a 250-seat lecture theatre, seminar and tutorial rooms, and social learning areas which encourage a more informal and interactive style of learning.

Elsewhere on campus, there is a mooting room (a mock courtroom) and the EHU Police Training and Simulation Facility, which simulates a wide range of crime scenes. This allows you to work with your peers areas such as gathering and analysing evidence, including forensic evidence at crime scenes. It also allows you to practice interview techniques used by the police through role play, while also ensuring that the rights of suspects are upheld.

Meet our students

Policing student, Luke Tomlinson. Luke is standing simulated crime scene setting. The setting is an outdoor woodland area taped up with police taping. Luke is wearing a forensics suit and rubber gloves.

Edge Hill has very close links to local Police forces and we’ve had the opportunity to meet and learn directly from several senior officers during the course.

Luke Tomlinson

BSc (Hons) Professional Policing

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Chat to our students

Got any questions about studying policing at Edge Hill? Want to know more about student life? Or just want to chat about Edge Hill in general? 

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