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Our industry standard Creative Edge building has everything you need to excel on your programme. Our facilities include TV studios with broadcast capacity and full production capabilities.

Film based productions are created by students using professional camera and lighting equipment. Editing facilities that include student access to Editshare an industrial Media Asset Management System are available with out-of-hours access. We currently use Adobe Creative Suite for post production applications.

Animation’s Creative Learning Environment

Our four dedicated animation studios are outstanding learning facilities, equipped with 24″ HD Cintiq Wacom touch monitors, rostrum camera stations, rotational light-boxes, and a range of industry-standard software such as the Adobe Creative Suite (including Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere), Autodesk’s Maya, Toon Boom Harmony, Dragonframe, Zbrush and Cinema4D.

Throughout the course you will explore exciting ways to combine your own individual path to creativity with excellent links with the vibrant creative industry centres in Manchester and Liverpool, making Edge Hill University a stimulating place to study Animation.


Film and Television Production’s Learning Environment

Making exciting and innovative productions for Film & Television is at the heart of this degree. You will develop high-level creative, technical and professional skills in areas of planning, research and content creation. Projects will include location and studio based production, branded content for web based delivery and specialist modules in production management, children’s television, post production and advanced camera work.

BA (Hons) Film and Television Production combines creative craft, technical know-how and production management together with contextual knowledge of current film & television trends, history and a range of critical concepts and theories.

If you are passionate about communicating with audiences we will help you develop the creative, academic and professional skills to realise that ambition. You will work with some of the best technical facilities in the North West and gain practical experience writing, shooting and editing your own unique productions.

As a graduate, you will be Ideally prepared for entry into employment across a range of careers in television and the creative and cultural industries.

Read about one of our graduates Joe Preston and how he has landed an internship with Lime Pictures.

We also have an on-campus cinema, within The Arts Centre, that shows contemporary films from mainstream cinema alongside live theatre and festival screenings such as the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Athens International Digital Film Festival, and the environmental Green Film Festival. You can find out more about The Arts Centre’s programme by visiting our website.

Field trips

A range of events are organised by the Media Department. These include visits to the Tate Liverpool to develop student awareness of current cutting edge creative practice. There is currently an annual trip led by the programme leader of Film & TV Production to the  Aesthetica Short Film Festival in York. The day includes students attending a masterclass run by industry professionals and a day pass giving access to film screenings in competition at the festival at a number of venues across the city.

TV Production Management

Field trips and work placements are a crucial part of the Television Production Management experience. Students can look forward to visits to Media City, Sony HQ and ITV to name but a few. Students this year have worked on location at Channel 4s “Secret Life of the zoo” show, attended the BBCs Global Children’s summit, and worked with the National Ballet.

The Television Production Management degree is unique in that it has created a rich industry network which rewards both existing students and alumni. This includes a lively Facebook page where industry opportunities and placements are regularly shared with students.


In previous years, our first and second year students have had the opportunity to take part in a department funded visit to Llandudno, Wales in their first semester of study.
One of the key purposes of such a visit is for you to start your studies in a relaxed environment and to get to know your fellow students, building a rapport and sense of identity. During the trip, our first year students have undertaken a series of drawing and animation exercises around Conwy and Llandudno that focused on such things as tone, line and colour. The second year students performed similar tasks that helped towards their coursework.

Last year, at the end of the academic year, our second year animation students also spent four days in Barcelona. This provided an opportunity to reflect on their studies, gain cultural inspiration and plan for the final year.




Student Life

We strive to nurture our students and their development. You will be part of a community where an active exchange of ideas and creative practice can thrive. The idea of community is one that also reflects the Edge Hill campus ethos – that of a safe, clean and dynamic learning community and environment.

As a student at Edge Hill you will receive a high level of academic and pastoral support, both from staff in the department and across the University. You will be assigned a personal tutor who you can meet with regularly throughout your studies to discuss your progress. Personal tutors are the first port of call for students with queries about any aspect of their studies and student life.

The department also has a Peer Mentoring Scheme to add to the support provided by university staff. Students are assigned a third year Peer Mentor who they can meet with on a regular basis to have a chat. Peer mentors can offer advice on settling in to university and are a really good source of information about student life, both in and out of the classroom. Who better to explain more about Edge Hill than someone who has studied here? Read on to find out more…

Hear from our Television Production Management Students

Our students are some of the best people to give you insights into the course. Read on to find out about the experiences of some of our current students.

“Being at Edge Hill, studying something that I’m passionate about is actually incredible. I genuinely love my course, so I am really enjoying my studies. The course content meets my strengths and challenges my weaknesses. Staff here are very enthusiastic and have a wide amount of knowledge that can enhance your studies. The university facilities are second to none. Television Production Management students get to use these facilities to enable us to progress in our course and develop our skills. The course allows me to work as an individual and as part of a group, which is exciting and challenging.” Chloe Campion, 1st Year

“Television Production Management is the perfect course for anybody with a passion for communication and organisation in the television industry. Getting to know and working with other media enthusiasts has proved valuable in enriching the learning experience. Before starting university, I was certain that in future I would be a Production Manager, however after spending the year exploring other areas of management in the industry I now feel the future has a job in Location Management in store for me.” Emily-Beth Roscoe, 2nd Year

“This course brings so many opportunities which help you learn valuable skills for the industry, including media law, different job roles from production management to script supervisor and television history. Since coming to Edge Hill my favourite experience was learning to use the studio with a real band and crew, we had people from the industry come in to teach us the professional way of doing things and help us improve our skills to create a music video for a local band which was featured on social media. During my degree I have had the chance to meet so many incredible people from the industry including people who work for ITV, the BBC, SONY, Liverpool Film Office and many more.” Meg Hughes, 3rd Year.
Read more from Meg here.

Hear from our Film Studies students

Recent graduate Matthew Rainford BA (Hons) Film Studies with Film Production, now works as a freelance camera operator and editor. He shared his experiences following graduation:

“The course didn’t just teach me how to make a film, but taught me the importance of networking. It was actually the actor in my final piece of coursework that gave me my first steps into freelancing. Freelancing is great for adding projects to your CV and showreel, but be prepared to give your time for free to start with. The experience you gain is so worth it.”

You can read more from Matthew here

View our Animation student work

You might find it interesting to visit the Edge Hill Animation Blog and also our Vimeo site for examples of our students’ work.


We understand that what you do outside of university is as important as what you do in it and want to ensure that you leave us having had an enriching experience and are ready for the next big challenge.  Read on for some recent examples of student opportunities:

BA (Hons) Television Production Management

Work Experience

Yiannis Koufonikos, Lecturer in Film and Television Production works closely with businesses, councils, and charities offering students the chance to work on live projects where they pitch ideas to the client then produce and deliver professional video/film packages for real world applications.

Ross Eaton, BA (Hons) Television Production Management, also shared his experience of getting involved in work experience:

“I was sure I wanted to work for BBC Sport and was lucky enough to join them working on the Olympics. As part of the production manager’s team we had to ensure health and safety was covered, all passports were correct and that staff had the right medical documents. There was also a very wide range of other tasks to complete. It was so motivating to push myself into becoming this mini junior production manager and I feel that I’ve grown up in the last year.”

You can read more about Ross’ experiences on the BA (Hons) Television Production Management course here.

Eight students spent three days with the production crew of BBC One’s contemporary drama Moving On where they dressed the set, shadowed the Assistant Director and the crew and acted as runners, gaining valuable on-set experience.

Alex Sheppard BA (Hons) Film and TV Production graduate who assisted with the filming said:

“These sort of opportunities are great as you are able to gain contacts in the industry and build a network. You are also able to see how professional productions are made, which is very useful at interviews and looks great on a CV, and you can also apply this to your own work.”

Find out more about the opportunity here.

Production Guild of Great Britain Affiliation

The BA (Hons) Television Production Management degree programme is now affiliated with the Production Guild of Great Britain, the first arrangement of its kind in the UK. As part of this innovative affiliation, you will receive access to relevant information and resources on the Production Guild website, as well as a weekly e-newsletter and exclusive offers for student members. You will also benefit from having a one-to-one meeting with an industry professional, for example a production manager with experience in feature films or TV drama, as well as the chief executive of the Production Guild to talk about your career goals and next steps.

Upon graduation, the Production Guild will help you secure employment by promoting your availability to members and affiliate companies. You will also be able to highlight that you are a ‘Production Guild student’ on your CV.

Read more here.

Additional Qualifications

Health and safety might not be the most glamorous aspect of film and television production but knowing your trip hazards from your fire risks is an essential part of working in today’s creative industries. This year our students have been able to learn these vital ‘behind-the-scenes’ skills from industry professionals and gain a valuable additional qualification that could make their CVs stand out from the crowd, through The Creative Industries Safety Passport training course, delivered by the UK’s media and entertainment trade union, BECTU. Read more here.

Live Music Studio Day

Our Live Music Studio Day has been a particular highlight over the last few years allowing students from different year groups to work together with industry professionals. On the day our production managers have prepared and managed a full day of recording a live studio shoot with one of the University’s The Label bands. Working with experienced professionals in this way has given our students the chance to take part in a real-life simulation.

They experienced what it is like to work in a studio environment and learnt how to meet the professional standards that a production manager and director will expect. You can watch the video above, or read an article here.


Student joins BBC Talent Pool

Following a rigorous interview process at Media City, third year Television Production Management student Rhiannon Lawrence, was offered a place on the BBC’s prestigious talent pool. Rhiannon said:

“After a group scenario task, an individual prioritising task and then an interview, I feel I learnt a lot from the process itself which I really enjoyed. I heard about the opening from the Television Production Management Facebook page. This page is great as it encourages discussion between staff, students and alumni.”

The Programme Leader, Perelandra, is seeing a trend of Television Production Management undergraduates being offered positions before they have even attended their graduation ceremony. She said:

“Rhiannon is such a great example of how the TVPM degree works to prepare students for jobs in the broadcast industry. Myself and fellow Programme Leader Joy Monks, spend a lot of time embedding interview skills and industry knowledge into our programme content. This degree now has a reputation for excellence through the TV industry. Part of what makes TVPM students so employable are the industry placements and opportunities they are offered as a result of our industry contacts. Rhiannon attended the BBC Global Children’s summit and has shadowed as a floor manager on Children In Need and it is partly this experience which has made her so accomplished this early on in her broadcasting career.”

BA (Hons) Animation

Learning with Industry

Our students are offered fantastic opportunities to work with external companies including animation and creative industry professionals. Each year these experiences change and develop – previously this has included the BBC, SparkleVFX and The Hut Group.


Our students are also encouraged to attend annual Animation festivals, and we are lucky to have the Manchester Animation Festival on our doorstep which offers a great experience for our students. Our partnership with Changsha Social Work College in China also currently offers our students the possibility of an overseas exchange.

Professional Accreditation

As part of studying on our Animation programme we offer the extra option (currently at no cost to our students) of being able to undertake the Adobe Accreditation exam to become an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA). This allows you to announce to the world that you know your Adobe products inside and out and are ready to bring your expertise to use.

Possession of an Adobe Certification on your CV will help you stand out from the crowd as you look to developing an interesting, satisfying career in the industry. We help our students prepare for their future careers throughout their time with us by giving them insights into the career options they may wish to take following a degree in Animation.

With help from the careers team and your personal tutor, you can explore pro-active job seeking skills and how to make a strong first impression, plus, though the various events held within the Media Department, network with industry guests.  Optional activities are also available to help you prepare for a stimulating and rewarding career. These include:

    • Sandwich Year opportunities
    • Learning a Language
    • Access to our Careers Centre.


Film and Television Production

Work Placements

We currently offer a range of placement opportunities based in the UK and overseas. Working with the designated faculty placements offer we offer as range of production placements in a variety of settings including broadcast, corporate and event based productions including Sound City Liverpool and the Wigan and Leigh Film Festival

Our connection with international partners has this year led to placement opportunities on the following international film festivals.

Thessaloniki  Documentary Film Festival  (Greece)

Alexandria Short Film Festival  (Greece)

Ann Arbor Film Festival  (USA)


To find out more about the staff in the Department please click on the images below:

Visit us

If you haven’t already visited our campus, or would like to visit again, you can discover everything you need to know about life at Edge Hill by attending one of our Open Days. Student guides will be on hand to take you on a tour of the halls of residence and faculty buildings, you can also attend subject presentations and speak with tutors and current students.

Alternatively, our Campus tours take place each month and provide a great opportunity to see Edge Hill University’s award-winning campus and get a taste of what the student experience here is like.

Find out more here.