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BA (Hons) Secondary Religious Education with QTS (2 Year) course preparation

To help you feel prepared for your university studies, we’ve gathered together a range of course related activities including suggested reading, useful websites and some things to do right now. Open the links below to find out more:

Your Launchpad sessions

The Faculty of Education have organised a number of virtual Launchpad sessions. Although not all of these sessions will be relevant to your specific degree, you may find a number of these sessions useful.

Access the Launchpad sessions

Suggested reading

You will be given lots of information about which textbooks to read and introduced to the University Library, as well as the many ebooks we have for you to access, when you begin your studies in September.

The following reading list will give you an overview of the development of this subject area, and will enable you to prepare for the start of your course. It is not intended that these titles should be read from cover to cover, but rather used to dip into to gain a flavour of the work.  It is not a requirement to purchase the books listed. However, having your own copy will prove helpful as the course progresses.

Key text for all trainee RE teachers:

  • Learning to Teach RE in Secondary School, by L.P Barnes. 2018 3rd ed. Routledge Falmer

Key introductory texts for your modules:

  • The Study of Religion: An introduction to key ideas and methods, by G.D. Chryssides and R. Greaves. 2014 2nd ed. London, Continuum
  • Any of the Oxford University Press Very Short Introductions to …[Religion] e.g.
    • Christianity: A Very Short Introduction, by L. Woodhead. 2014 2nd ed. Oxford University Press
    • Hinduism: A Very Short Introduction, by K. Knott. 2016 2nd ed. Oxford University Press
    • Islam: A Very Short Introduction, by M. Ruthven. 2012 2nd ed. Oxford University Press

Useful websites

Keeping up to date with the latest developments in the Education world is a great way to prepare for your course. Here are some websites that you will be useful, you should also try and find some good websites of your own:

Your tasks

We have created a selection of tasks which will help you to prepare for your course and enhance your professional profile.

We recommend that you keep your responses and notes together in a portfolio of pre-course work as they may well come in useful in the future.

Task one – Research
Task two – Enhance your skills

Meet your course leader

Additional ways to prepare

Preparing to start

This session examines how to make a successful transition to university. From planning your results day, accommodation and commuting tips, extra support available to you and general advice on uni life.

Watch the session

Find out more about who you are

The following information provides an insight into what to expect when coming to university along with some good advice on how to navigate some of the potential challenges you may face.

Start preparing yourself