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BA (Hons) Education and English course preparation

To help you feel prepared for your university studies, we’ve gathered together a range of course related activities including suggested reading, useful websites and some great things to do right now. Open the links below to find out more:

Your Launchpad sessions

The Faculty of Education have organised a number of virtual Launchpad sessions. Although not all of these sessions will be relevant to your specific degree, you may find a number of these sessions useful.

Suggested reading

You’ll be given lots of information about which textbooks to read and introduced to the University Library, as well as the many ebooks we have for you to access, when you begin your studies in September.

However, there are some key books which will prove useful for your studies in education. The four books below are core textbooks and it would be beneficial for you to have your own copies of them and to have read the opening chapters of each:

  • Introduction to Education Studies 5th Edition, by Steve Bartlett & Diana Burton. 2020. London, Sage.
  • Sociology of Education, by Tomas Boronski and Nasima Hassan. London, Sage
  • The Edinburgh Introduction to Studying English Literature, by Dermot Cavanagh (et al). 2014. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press.
  • Introducing English Language: A Resource Book for Students, by Louise Mullany & Peter Stockwell. 2010. London, Routledge.

Additionally we recognise the following resources for education:

  • An Introduction to the Study of Education, by David Matheson. 2015. London, Routledge
  • Understanding and using challenging education theories, by Karl Aubrey and Alison Riley. London, Sage

And the following for English:

  • Literary Theory: A very short introduction. By Jonathan D. Culler. 2011 Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • Oxford Modern English Grammar. By Bas Aarts. 2011. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Useful websites

To prepare for this course, you should keep up to date with education news in the mainstream media. The most popular and frequently updated sources are:

Your preparation tasks

We’ve created a selection of tasks which will help you to prepare for your course. We recommend that you keep your responses and notes together in a portfolio of pre-course work as they may well come in useful in the future.

Task 1 – Educational processes in English

Task 2 – Engage with debates

Task 3 – Inclusion and diversity

Task 4 – Technology

Additional ways to prepare

Watch the recording of our virtual session: Preparing to start with Edge Hill

This session examines how to make a successful transition to University study, from planning your results day, accommodation and commuting tips, extra support available to you as a prospective student before you start in September and what to expect as well as what to get involved in during your first week.

Use this link to watch the session

University can be one of the most exciting and amazing experiences, and can offer the chance to learn, meet new people, gain independence and find out more about who you are.

We want to make sure you get the most out of your university experience! The following information provides an insight into what to expect when coming to university along with some good advice on how to navigate some of the potential challenges you may face.

Starting preparing yourself