YourEHU Children, Education and Communities – Applicant Visit Day

You will receive an invitation to an Applicant Visit Day by email and post.

These events are your chance to spend some time on-campus before you have to make your firm and insurance choices in May, and for you to find out what it would be like to study and socialise here.

What is it?

You will be able to:

    • take part in a subject taster session, or have a one-to-one session with academic staff from your department – your opportunity to get a feel for what studying your course would be like
    • chat to current students from your department – the perfect way to find out what student life is like here!
    • view our range of on-campus accommodation and see what life in halls of residence looks like
    • find out about accommodation, finance, student support, study abroad options and career advice
    • go on a campus tour and find out where you will be studying, as well as where you will be socialising!

Even if you have previously attended an open day, we strongly recommend attending an applicant visit day as it provides a very different experience.

When are they taking place?

The date of your Applicant Visit Day is dependent upon your course:

Wednesday 12 February or Saturday 29 February

  • BA (Hons) Children and Young People’s Learning and Development
  • BA (Hons) Teaching, Learning and Child Development
  • BA (Hons) Working with Children 5-11

Saturday 14 March

  • BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS

How do I book?

There are two ways to book onto your Applicant Visit Day, which you can do shortly after you receive your offer:

  1. Follow the link in the email we sent to confirm your place
  2. We will post you a booking form which you can return (free of charge) and we will process your booking

Subject taster details

BA (Hons) Children and Young People’s Learning and Development

The first part of this taster session will involve reflecting on where you hope to be in your career after you graduate, e.g. teacher, early years professional, social worker, Educational Psychologist etc. – exploring what personal qualities or attributes you think you need to possess in order to succeed on this degree programme and in your future.

You will then work in a group to design a cocktail that is the perfect mixture of knowledge, skills and personal attributes, as required of a successful educator. We will provide craft materials for you to create the drink and then each group will report back.

BA (Hons) Teaching, Learning and Child Development

This session will involve working in groups to create a picture from memory based on what great learning looks like. You will engage in a discussion around what constitutes great team work as well as discussing the learning approaches during the activity.

You will then explore algebraic sequences, more specifically simple but effective ways of using Maths concepts to engage learners in a fun activity. This activity involves a challenge which focuses on problem solving from a collaborative approach.

At the end of the session you will be able to meet and ask questions to our Student Academic Mentors who are students from Year 2 & 3 of the programme.

BA (Hons) Working with Children 5-11

The first part of the session will explore the identity of children in the middle years, aged 5-11. Using a range of sources of information, including news stories and images, social media, children’s literature and advertising, you will begin to consider how you ‘see’ children between the ages of 5 and 11 years and what has influenced those attitudes and perceptions.

The second part of the taster will look at working with children in the middle years. In this activity you will explore the potential range of work-based learning experiences that could be part of your degree programme and the careers that you might aspire to as a graduate from the programme. We will hear from practitioners to get a flavour of a day in their working lives.

BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS

Applicants who have had a successful interview and received an offer will be invited to attend a taster day. Please click here to see the programme of events.