Our Wellbeing Hub includes wide range of guides, resources and materials curated and created to support you. Visit the Visit the Wellbeing Hub.

Online Mental Health Awareness Training

This training aims to provide support to staff in supporting students and each other. It aims to support staff in knowing the signs that someone may be struggling with their wellbeing or mental health, how to refer or signpost students for more support, and suggestions of questions to ask to help identify the right support. It also aims to provide some guidance on professional boundaries to help staff not become overburdened with student issues. The training also includes examples of how staff can support themselves and each other. Complete this training session by following this link.

Online Responding to Sexual Assault Disclosures Training

This training aims to provide staff with guidance around the existing policy on how to respond to a disclosure from a student around sexual assault. The training will provide guidance on what information you may need to capture from a student who discloses this to you, and some guidance on how to report the incident and where to signpost the student to. It will also provide some guidance on confidentiality and consent of information sharing and reporting. Take part in the online training by following this link.

Supporting Staff to Support Students

To provide further guidance, support and information for staff around a wide range of issues affecting students, there are toolkits available for staff to use, which provide information about how to support and when to refer students. The toolkits that are available for staff to access at are Mental Health, Disability and Inclusion, Responding to Sexual Assault Disclosures, and our most recent toolkit will be supporting LGBTQ+ students.

Wellbeing Support Service

Edge Hill University wants to support you as best we can. This service will connect staff with qualified counsellors. The help on offer can focus on ways of finding solutions to problems, ways of coping or just a safe place to talk. Find out more information about the service.

For support email: wellbeingsupportservice@edgehill.ac.uk