Health Information Week – NHS Apps Library

NHS Apps Library helps you find safe and secure apps that could benefit your health and wellbeing. They are tested for clinical safety, data protection, security and usability. It is recommended that you speak with your GP or healthcare professional if you have any worries about your health.  

Health Information Week – Charity Websites

Charity websites specific to your condition can be a useful place to look. They often contain information on your condition, tests and treatments, other people’s experiences and support. Here is a couple of charity websites that offer something a little bit different. Health Talk you can watch people sharing their stories about health conditions and […]

Health Information Week – Useful Websites

The NHS website is the official website for NHS England. Find out about conditions, symptoms, treatments, medicines, the “truth” (research) behind health headlines or locate health services local to you. Patient is an independent health platform. Over 4000 health leaflets, with evidence-based information edited by medical professionals. You can also search for symptoms and […]

Health Information Week – Searching Online

Anyone can post anything online so it is important to make sure information is trustworthy. Lots of people are trying to sell products or make money, so the information they provide may be biased. When you search online you will find pages of results, perhaps feel overwhelmed and click the first thing you see. Instead look […]

Web Resource of the Month – July

Finding Health Information Online You can find out more information about where to access health information online for patients and or the public, by accessing our online leaflet. It provides key websites for accessing good quality health information, highlights good places to look for additional information, and a guide on how to appraise/evaluate any information […]

Web Resource of the Month – June

NICE Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (HDAS) HDAS has recently changed and includes access to a new database Emcare, which is aimed at nurses and allied health professionals. The available content for journals has also changed, this means you may have access to journal content that you previously couldn’t access. To access HDAS visit and […]

Web Resource of the Month – April

Geeky Medics Geeky Medics, a popular free online clinical skills resource for medical students, nursing students, paramedics and physician associates. It provides guides to all of the key clinical skills students are expected to learn for the examinations (OSCE), including step-by-step images and video demonstrations. A useful tool for revising, with an online forum […]

Aintree Library Survey 2019

Library Survey We would really appreciate your feedback around library services and how you use them. We value your opinion whether you have previously used library services or not. Please complete the survey here The survey will run from 1st April until the 30th April 2019.

Web Resource of the Month – March

NHS Apps Library The NHS Apps Library brings together apps and digital tools that healthcare professionals can use and recommend with confidence. All the apps published on the library have passed through our assessment process designed by expert reviewers to ensure they are safe, secure and work effectively. The App library can be searched by […]