The Benefits: A World Class University on your doorstep

The campus redevelopment will bring significant benefits to Ormskirk and the wider community:

  • More high class teachers, health professionals and graduates: The University is a significant provider of education and training for a large proportion of the region's teachers, health professionals and other graduates. Over 2,400 students graduate each year in a range of disciplines including teacher education and Nursing and midwifery and a further 3,000 professionals in those areas continue their professional development with the University. 93% of graduates are in jobs or further study six months after graduation.
  • High class sporting and recreational/cultural facilities to the people of West Lancashire through open use of University facilities.
  • More economic benefits: The University has a major economic impact benefit to the local and regional economy that exceeded 86 million in 2006/07. This would be enhanced by growth but conversely eroded should the University be constrained and fall into decline.
  • More jobs: The University is one of three largest employers in West Lancashire. Further growth and development of the University will provide further direct and in-direct job creation to the local area.
  • Supporting local facilities and amenities within Ormskirk.
  • Further student accommodation on campus thereby releasing pressure on the local housing market and on car parking in the town.

The University acknowledges that its students should have a positive role in the local community although their needs will be particular. Students will support local businesses (food & drink and other services); will require accommodation (the majority of which is directed to the campus); will use local transport and travel infrastructure and; will add to the cultural and academic diversity of the town. While the students will always be 'different' the University seeks positive community involvement and integration and has a range of programmes and initiatives to assist this. This includes a new centre to manage its growing body of student and staff volunteers.

The centre now has around 1000 registered volunteers serving the local community across many areas including the emergency services, helping children and adults with disabilities, assisting the elderly, schools, nurseries and support groups.

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