The Masterplan Approach & Proposals

In order for the University to grow in a positive and co-ordinated manner, there needs to be a creative and robust planning strategy and masterplan. This will guide campus growth and development to 2020.

The masterplan strategy will provide for the anticipated scale of growth that meets the long term needs of the University, whilst at the same time, offering the opportunity to revitalise, enhance and add value to the existing campus for its students, staff and the local community. The key issues that the masterplan must address are:

  • Phasing of development to provide for short term development within the existing campus and long term development to the east within the Green Belt.
  • A quality campus that 'connects' to Ormskirk.
  • Vehicular access improvements, car parking provision and campus circulation.
  • The development / redevelopment of under-used land and poor quality buildings within the campus.
  • Utilities and infrastructure planning.
  • Building and development programmes (including transitional / decanting arrangements).
  • Future land management and acquisitions.
  • Local Planning Authority (LPA) / community and stakeholder communication and consultation.

The preparation of the campus masterplan will follow the process below:

  • Stage 1: Baseline Analysis: an assessment of the physical context of the existing campus, identifying key influences, opportunities and constraints. The outcome of this stage is the production of a Baseline Analysis Report (.pdf). This is subject to consultation (Summer 2007).
  • Stage 2: Development Principles & Masterplan Options: the creation of a set of principles to act as the basis for detailed scheme design and future planning applications. These principles are suggested to be based upon the following urban design objectives:
    • Creation of a world class academic facility
    • Creation of a new piece of Ormskirk
    • Creation of an improved landscape setting
    • Promoting the principles of sustainable development
  • Once a set of principles has been agreed, a number of preferred 'masterplan' options will be prepared, tested and be published for consultation

    • Stage 3: Masterplan: The campus masterplan will steer campus redevelopment over the next 20 years and consider the use of land eastwards to Scarth Hill Lane.

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