fairtradeEdge Hill is committed to being a socially responsible university and having a positive impact in both the local and global communities we influence.

Choosing products with the Fairtrade Mark helps producers in developing countries work their way out of poverty by guaranteeing:

  • A fair price
  • Access to credit
  • Local community development
  • Environmental protection

Watch the ‘Celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight 2011′ video:

Edge Hill achieved Fairtrade University Status in September 2011 by meeting five goals set out by the Fairtrade Foundation. The University must demonstrate improvement each year in order to maintain accreditation. Take a look to see what we are doing:

A Fairtrade Policy has been ratified by both the University and Students’ Union incorporating the five goals laid out by the Fairtrade Foundation.

In February 2010 we replaced our vending machines and at the same time converted all coffee, hot chocolate and sugar to Fairtrade.  Vending tea is Rainforest Alliance as Fairtrade is not yet possible.  Bean-to-cup machines also serve Fairtrade coffee.
Teabags have been replaced and we now stock The London Tea Company, which include Fairtrade Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Peppermint and Green tea.

A selection of Fairtrade chocolate, cakes, snacks and drinks are available from catering outlets across campus.

All events, meetings and conferences that request hospitality through Edge Hill’s Catering Team are served Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar as standard.

We continue to look for other Fairtrade products that may be suitable.

Campaigns in 2013/14 included Fairtrade Freshers Week, Fairtrade fortnight, tasting sessions and a raffle.

A Fairtrade Steering Group meets at least once per term and has representation from the Students’ Union, Catering and University staff.

Where can I get Fairtrade Products?

A list of products sold in campus catering outlets will appear soon.

If you have any suggestions or would like more information on how to become a member of the Fairtrade Steering Group please email