Final year Psychology student is accepted at a BPS conference

We are delighted that another of our final year students has been accepted to present his dissertation research at the BPS Cognitive Section Conference in September. Dominic Aldridge will be giving his talk on “Differences in theory of mind performance and executive function in older adults”. His supervisor, Dr Adam Qureshi will also be at the conference presenting his work to delegates.

Department receives funding for research on factors associated with coping in health professionals

The Department has recently received funding which aims to assess factors associated with coping in health professionals within the NHS. Patricia Hornby-Atkinson and Dr Helen Wall will be leading the project entitled; “The Moderating Role of Personality in Relation to Breach & Violation of the Psychological Contract and its Impact on Coping in a Health Setting”. Within this, they hope to reveal influential factors which may aid coping strategies for NHS practitioners.

There’s an App for that!

The Department of Psychology has received funding to conduct research examining real-time gaming experiences using specifically-designed App technology. The research, being run by Dr Linda Kaye, Dr Rebecca Monk and Dr Helen Wall, will be asking gamers to complete real-time assessments of their emotions and cognitions across a range of different gaming contexts. It is expected this will help to further understand how social contexts impact on experiences of mood, flow and outcome expectancies within gameplay.

Department receives funding for state-of-the-art electromagnetic brain equipment

Dr Stergios Makris has recently received funding for some new state-of-the-art equipment which can modulate neural activity. Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) applies weak electrical currents to generate an electromagnetic field, which stimulates neural activity within the brain. This technique is currently being investigated as a treatment for a variety of conditions, such as strokes and migraines.

Dr Makris will be using this technique within his own research, particularly in investigating the neural processes associated with visual and motor expertise in elite athletes and the neural make-up associated with body image and eating disorders.

Psychology staff present research on the psychology of environmental sustainability

Prof. Geoff Beattie and Laura McGuire both presented papers at the ‘20th International Interdisciplinary Conference on the Environment‘ in Denver Colorado in last week. The title of Geoff’s paper was ‘Mobilising the unconscious mind in the fight against climate change’. The title of Laura’s paper was ‘Climate change initiatives. Is education ever enough?’ Both papers were extremely well received by the very international multidisciplinary audience. There were speakers from the U.S., Nigeria, China, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, New Mexico, Greece, Thailand, Cameroon, Lebanon, India, Nepal and, of course, the U.K.

Psychological research to inform digital game design at a forthcoming conference

Dr Linda Kaye has been invited to present her research on social gaming at a national conference to be attended by key stakeholders in the digital gaming industry. At the Develop Conference, due to take place from 8th-10th July 2014, Dr Kaye will be giving a talk on “Social psychology and digital gaming experiences: What can developers learn from this discipline?” Within this, she will be considering how processes such as group flow and social identity formation within gaming can enhance positive gaming experiences and outcomes for players, to inform future game design.

Final year student accepted to talk at the BPS Cognitive Section Conference

We are delighted to have recently received news that Katie Emmison, a final year Psychology student, has been accepted to present her dissertation research at the BPS Cognitive Section Conference in September.

Her dissertation project entitled “Association between schizotypy, theory of mind and executive function” will appear within the conference programme shortly. Her dissertation supervisor Dr Adam Qureshi is delighted with Katie’s achievements. Adam will also be presenting at this conference with his work on “Contribution of working memory to perspective calculation and selection”.


Dr Joanne Powell’s research highlights the role of handedness on the neuropsychological underpinning of social cognition ability

Dr Joanne Powell’s recent research has found that handedness (left or right-handed) is related to “intentionality competence”- ones ability to explain and predict the behaviour of others by attributing mental states. Using a form of neuroimaging analysis, Dr Powell and her team found interesting differences between right and left-handers in their neuroanatomy. The research is now published in the prestigious journal “Cortex”. The paper can be located here.

Professor Geoff Beattie


Professor of Psychology at Edge Hill University, Geoff Beattie is an internationally renowned writer and broadcaster.

Geoff is best known for his detailed analyses of nonverbal communication which has featured in a large number of academic articles and books, and lead to his featuring as Big Brother’s resident on-screen psychologist for 11 series.

He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society whose knowledge of how nonverbal communication reveals hidden thoughts has been featured on ITV’s Ghosthunting, Lorraine Kelly, Richard and Judy, The One Show, Tonight with Trevor McDonald and Radio 4′s Woman’s Hour.