EHU Psychology represented at an International education conference

Research conducted within the Department of Psychology at Edge Hill University has been accepted at the prestigious EARLI  conference. Tom Mitchell and PhD student, Claire Kinsella will be presenting insights from their respective research projects considering psychological insights in the context of education, learning and teaching. Specifically, Tom will be presented his research on “Sex as a source […]

Is optimism the problem in dealing with climate change?

Professor Geoff Beattie has just received funding from the British Academy/ Leverhulme scheme to investigate possible biases in how people process climate change messages. According to the latest IPCC report, human factors are a significant factor in the rise of global CO2 emissions, and therefore a major driver of climate change. So why do people […]

The creative side of psychology in education

The work of PhD student, Claire Kinsella is soon to appear in a book on “Creative Education, Teaching and Learning“, published by Palgrave Macmillan. Claire’s PhD research is exploring the impact of arts-based education on enhancing educational engagement in disaffected learners, such as those in Pupil Referral Units in the North West of England. Her research […]

EHU Psychology researchers assess the role of context in alcohol consumption

Dr Rebecca Monk and Dr Adam Qureshi have recently received funding from Alcohol Research UK to examine the role of different social contexts on people’s alcohol-related thoughts and behaviours. Using innovative methodologies which can examine processes such as impulse control, thought to be instrumental in alcohol consumption, this research aims to build on previous investigations […]

Psychologist in The City!

As part of a public engagement initiative, Professor Geoff Beattie will be speaking at a networking event organised by the North West branch of the British Psychological Society. The event entitled: “Psychs in the City” will include Prof Beattie’s keynote on “The Divided Self: How a better understanding of the human mind could transform society”. Further details […]

The eyes have it….

It is increasingly recognised that ‘culture’ shapes our thoughts and behaviours. For example, cultural differences have been reported in eye movement behaviour during complex scene processing; whilst Americans fixate more upon focal objects East-Asians make more eye movements to the background, attentional biases which are fostered by individualistic vs collectivistic modes of thinking. Recently however, […]

Virtual worlds can have positive impacts on well-being for individuals with physical disabilities

Research conducted within the Department of Psychology has revealed the positive psycho-social outcomes of the virtual world, Second Life, for individuals with physical disabilities. The research, conducted by Dr Linda Kaye and a former EHU Psychology student Camilla Kleban, revealed that the virtual world aided processes such as users’ self-discovery and perceptions of equality, which were […]

Professor Beattie discusses the psychological impact of terrorism

Professor Geoff Beattie was on BBC Breakfast on the 25th November 2014 discussing the psychological response of the public to the rise in the terror threat to a “severe level”. He discussed the long-term psychological impact of 9/11 on level of concern about terrorist attack. Professor Beattie then talked about the way in which people appraise risk generally, […]

Implicit bias in job recruitment- what are the issues?

Professor Geoff Beattie recently gave an invited keynote address to the Asian Fire Service Association annual conference held in Stoke-on-Trent.  The subject of his talk was implicit bias in job recruitment linked to the ethnicity of applicants, and how to combat it.  Here Professor Beattie outlined some of his research covered in ‘Our Racist Heart: An Exploration of […]

Body Politics

Yesterday, Professor Geoff Beattie did an interview with Oksana Boyko on ‘Worlds Apart’ for Russia Today on the subject of the body language of the various leaders at the APEC CE0 summit, focusing in particular on the micro-behaviours of Presidents Obama and Putin.  Here, he discussed how power is negotiated through nonverbal communication and that even when […]