Is humiliation the key to positive behaviour change?

Professor Geoff Beattie recently joined the BBC Breakfast and BBC News 24 teams to discuss the case of Edmond Aviv; the man who was ordered to wear a sign saying ‘I am a bully’, having been convicted of abusing his neighbours over a number of years. Professor Beattie considered whether humiliation works in promoting positive behaviour change, and […]

Professor appointed as a Trustee for Alcohol Research UK.

We are delighted to announce that Professor Derek Heim has recently been appointed as a Trustee for Alcohol Research UK. This aligns with his recent research programme examining the social and cultural influences on alcohol use, in which he has recently secured a number of substantial research grants from the charity.

Professor discusses the Psychology behind pocket money

Prof. Geoff Beattie appeared on BBC Breakfast on the 27th March to discuss the psychology behind pocket money. Prof. Beattie argued that pocket money is basically a good thing because children learn about making spending decisions and how to save for those things they really want.  In other words, they learn to delay gratification, which […]

Student Internship Scheme is launched

The Department of Psychology has recently launched a Student Internship Scheme for undergraduate students in the department. This is designed for our students to gain research experience, as well as aiding staff in their current research projects. The projects include: Attentional control, automaticity, skill acquisition and transfer of learning (Dr Motonori Yamaguchi) Exploring eye witness […]

The psychology of coffee?

Final year Sports and Exercise Psychology student, Eddy Greenall is currently launching his big idea with Launching People; a nationwide competition run by Samsung. Using his psychological understanding of the senses, emotions and creativity, as well as his expertise in coffee-making, Eddy hopes to be in for a chance of winning this prestigious competition with ”Coffee Makes Sense” If […]

Fancy applying for a PhD Studentship?

The Department of Psychology was formally established in 2011 and offers an exciting and rapidly developing environment for research, having benefited from recent research infrastructure development. The department hosts two established research groups: the Cognitive Science Research Group and the Health and Social Issues Research Group. Each of these groups supports the collaborative research activities […]

Research Talk by internationally-renowned Professor Glyn Humphreys

  The Department of Psychology is delighted to be hosting a research talk to be given by internationally-renowned Professor Glyn Humphreys (Oxford University). His seminar, entitled: “The salient and irresistible self: The social cognitive neuroscience of self-bias” promises to be an interesting and enlightening insight into the psychological underpinnings of the self. Prof. Humphreys’ talk […]